Sell with Transparency

We know what it takes to sell your house quickly when a situation arises. But the best part is that we do it WITHOUT mystery and guessing games.

Here's How It Works

  • You respond to our ad with some info so we can have a conversation about your needs
  • You'll supply us with photos of the property in its current condition (don't be shy—this is where it counts and helps to sell)
  • We'll present you an offer based on our discussion that you can either accept or decline to help sell your house
  • We take the accepted offer and then put that in front of our vetted buyers/investors who are most interested in the deal
  • At closing we pair you with the buyer moving forward, depending on the deal; You get a check of an agreed upon amount (in contract) and walk away with a plan and money in hand

Patti B.
Marion, NC

I was so very blessed to have Nicki sent by our Heavenly Father. She truly went above and beyond anything I could have expected. Professionally and personally she was a blessing to me at a time I really needed an angel. I just wish she were my neighbor. Love this woman!!!

Larry W.
Belmont, NC

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Ann N.
Fort Worth, TX

I don't think I have ever had the pleasure & the confidence in a business deal such as this. Nicki is an amazing, amazing Christian who walks the walk. I feel we were treated like family & I still want to meet her & give her a great big hug, the kind I'm looking forward to receiving from Christ. She is a truly sincere young lady who has made my life better by her example. May God bless you richly my dear.

About Us

We're a dynamic duo passionate about the well-being of our neighbors. Specializing in personal finance and real estate transactions, we focus on solving the puzzles that can be credit profiles as well as providing creative resources for selling houses in "as-is" condition. 


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