Housing: an opportunity for thanksgiving

God has purposed ReliefWire to serve its neighbors, specifically with regard to real estate. So it’s with great joy we look forward to Christmas, because we can see, in the work Jesus did, our blessings and of those living throughout Charlotte, NC.

Keep in mind that while there are many families walking in that blessing, others are facing distressing times. It’s important to remember that it isn’t we ourselves who have earned anything, but Jesus who purchased those gifts with His own life, to serve the greatest of all gifts—Himself.

If you have a roof over your head, be grateful. Each season there are those still looking for shelter. We’ve all been blessed to be a blessing. Let’s take that stability and year round, seek to help others with the least of gestures to the grandest. And let those be our expressions of gratitude.

I particularly recall the first Christmas my family spent in our first house growing up. There was such jollity and unity. Sure my brothers and I got our first PlayStation (1997), but it was the sense of home that still echoes out today. We were there for many years, but many things went wrong and we lost that house to foreclosure.

But just like God is in our successes, He was present in our seeming failure. God holds the unique ability to use all of it for His plan and He does use it.

If you’re celebrating Christmas in your new house, thank Jesus for providing that for you.


If you have to leave from where you are, thank God for the next phase in life and remind yourself that He’s still working behind the scenes. And let us remember to love one another, for no one receives anything unless God gives it to him (Jn 3:27).

Jesus grew up in poverty and was even born with animals—made poor that we might be rich in Him, receiving at every turn what we need—Him. He will walk us through every blessing and storm, to His glorious presence.

Above all believers, this isn’t our home.

ReliefWire Financial Solutions nor its authors are providing specific legal or financial advice to any reader in this post. The information herein is generic and is meant to be educational. If necessary, seek legal counsel regarding your specific situation. And always, pray and trust God in your decision-making.