Before foreclosure, there’s communication (or should be)

This post, even this site, is a way of communication. It’s vital for humanity to communicate, in order that we can share and gain information for understanding. What does this have to do real estate? Much.

Throughout our work here in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, there’s a reoccurring pattern with those facing foreclosure: a lack of communication with lenders and law offices leading up to court hearings. This may be the crucial reason many lose their houses and end up empty-handed after months or years of payments.

How can someone know your situation, less you tell them? And how can you tell them if you’re being held back in shame?

The power of communication

I don’t have a foreclosure example, but I will share my past with you! A few years back, my credit was on life support. I had lenders of all types bearing down year after year. What did I do about it? Nothing.

My pride and fear wouldn’t allow me to answer the phone. I simply looked at the unknown numbers (that I knew were collectors) and tried to ignore them.

I know it was the power of God working in my wife (then girlfriend), for one day she said, “you can’t keep running. It’s only hurting you. Let’s do it together and see what they’ll settle on.”

And there it was—I was failing to communicate, so it left the lenders with one option: to make sure I paid with my credit score.

Praise Jesus, I listened. And none of those flags on my credit remain. Now if I’m asked about certain times on my credit history, I have an answer to give.

Your mortgage handler or HOA is willing to communicate, but you have to be also. It isn’t you vs the world, but your own conscience.

Let whoever it is know that you want to do right, but there are complications. You might get a closed-ended response, but you might get surprised and receive exactly what you have need of!

Put your trust in Jesus and you won’t face difficulty alone. He controls hearts, not us. He sets the limitations on what we must endure if it’s to be so.

If you stay in touch throughout your situation, remaining willing to communicate, you may never see foreclosure. That’s our prayer for you.

ReliefWire Financial Solutions nor its authors are providing specific legal or financial advice to any reader in this post. The information herein is generic and is meant to be educational. If necessary, seek legal counsel regarding your specific situation. And always, pray and trust God in your decision-making.