Down Payment Assistance for your house

Most of the time, the presales process is given most of the attention: how to sell, the reasons for selling, building rapport and the financial situation. I’d like to turn our attention to the aftermath, which hopefully has been in mind: “how will I get into the next house?”

If you indeed are looking to move into a house, it may take a financial obligation up front. You may already have down payment money (our deals are a prime source of such capital). If you want to lower that down payment, I’d like to introduce you to a source that was revealed to me in DownPayment Resource.

Having gone through the purchasing process with my wife, we’ve been through obtaining a good credit credit score, but lacking a 20% down payment. DownPayment Resource functions as a repository for assistance, taking some basic information and matching you with whatever program seems best.

According to a report by RealtyTrac back in 2015, 87% of home buyers qualify for assistance. But they don’t apply for it, because they don’t know about it. Having been stung by that initial experience, many house hunters give up on the process.

How a down payment for the next house can affect a potential deal for you

We always approach sellers with a well-thought, carefully researched offer and sometimes it’s either rejected or they become offended. These behaviors mainly stem from a need the seller perceives they have to qualify for another house. The current house is being sold without the next one in place already.

DownPayment Resource is but one that you can use to help plan out your steps thoroughly. Then helpful, quick and realistic offers won’t seem negative, because you already have a plan in place for your need. You’ll be able to see that the house needs work and can think through the matter effectively.

You’ll definitely want to look into that resource for your situation. So, do your research. We want you to have a full picture for what’s in store for you and your family. And we believe the best is yet to come for you!

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